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Angela started experimenting with food at the young age of 10. Her parents left her and her older sister Sara home for a few hours. And while Sara was lost in the world of dial-up, Ang ran downstairs and did something she’d been dreaming of doing for while. She cracked an egg into a small bowl, gave it a quick and satisfying whisk, shoved it in the microwave for about 20 seconds, heard it go POP, and the rest is history…

Haha, I imagine that might be my introduction if I were to be a contestant on The Great British Baking Show. Is it “Baking Show” or “Bake Off”?!

I actually haven’t always been the biggest baker. I didn’t really come from a culture or upbringing that was rich in baking. Actually, when I was about 10, a couple of my friends were talking about ovens or something and I barely had an idea of what an oven actually was. Yeah, I had lived with an oven for my entire life and it had neither a name nor a real purpose. Actually, it did have a purpose– storage. It was the magical place all the pots and pans went into.

So fast forward a few years… Sara and I went over to a friend’s house to hang out. We mostly just sat around and talked. But this time, things were about to really heat up. I think it was just for no reason, but we decided to make a chocolate cake from a cake mix. It was so exciting and I remember wanting to hog the job of stirring the mixture. We popped it in the OVEN. The rest is a blur but I remember going home that night, ready to make a case to my mom.

You see… up until that day, I had only had very limited experience with baking cakes. Sara and I probably made one or two cakes but were only allowed to use the small toaster oven to do so.

“Ma! We made a cake at our friend’s house! See?! She’s Chinese and her parents let her use the oven! Pleaseeee, can we use ours too?!”

And slowly… our oven became open for business. I mean, it still moonlights as a pots and pans storage, but what can you do?!

And now, it truly gets used to its full potential. I’ve never baked so much in my life, but I’m really enjoying it! For the past several years, I only baked here and there. And 85% of the time, it was my signature cheesecake for family holiday get-togethers. But I’m pretty excited about my new obsession with baking! There’s such a nerdy science behind all the techniques used, yet so much creativity involved! I’m learning so much and I feel like my passion for making great food coupled with my love for photography is really pushing me to see my baking in a different light. I’m aiming for amazing tastes and also pushing for perfect aesthetics.

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I just finished bingeing a season of The Great British Baking Show and found myself uncontrollably crying after the winner was announced. Happy tears, of course. And sometimes, I’ll stop for a second after someone’s gotten amazing comments and realize that I’m grinning from ear to ear, embarrassingly, to no one but my laptop screen. I also realized that in an english accent, artistic and autistic are the same thing. But honestly, the thing that’s been standing out to me the most is… why do they make them sit so closely to each other when they’re waiting to hear about that week’s results?! They literally have them sitting on top of each other!

But really, other than the entertainment supplied from the air of suspense and tension and all the hundreds of amazing baked goods being made, I’ve been learning so much! I’ve been absorbing techniques and the why’s and how’s all coupled with the occasional laugh-out-loud moments from Mel and Sue! Boy, do I love them!

So, in contrast to pretty much my entire life before now, I’m so glad to be single. Instead of worrying about a boyfriend’s fragile masculinity or why he hasn’t texted me back or how much lasagna he wants the next time I see him, I get to focus on myself.

When I was 6, I drew all over the back of our bathroom door with a red crayon. When I turned 9, I picked my bedroom in our new house because I swore I would paint the view from my window. I was always drawing and waiting to see my grandpa so I could show him my new masterpieces. At 11, I was begging my parents for a Sony Cyber Shot T90 camera. I must’ve just seen it in a catalogue or something. But that “glide-down” feature really got me. And to my surprise, my parents agreed to get it for Sara and me.

I’ve always been one for creative outlets and I think baking is a huge one! And the perpetually single me has a lot of time to explore! My weekends are filled with the art of laminating dough, piping dozens and dozens of macrons, braiding breads, folding ice creams, and of course, eating! I mean… taste testing, for research purposes, of course! And then, of course, taking the perfect pictures of my creations before sharing with friends. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m already thinking about all the wonderful baked goods (that’s not a cheesecake) I can shower my family with as the holidays are approaching.

One thought on “the great angela baking show

    I also was a precocious cook, but came from a long line of amazing bakers.
    I would make cheese soufflés and elaborate roasts and cakes and sit my family down in a “beautifully” ser table to play restaurant. I would take their orders (only one option really). I just wanted to say your story reminded me of my culinary adventures growing up, and just made me smile.
    Ohhh and by the way I also cry happy tears with the Great British Bake Off and recreate all the technical challenges, hello kouign-amann!

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