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Mashed Potato Cheddar Puff Pastry

mashed potato cheddar puff pastry this recipe is a combination of some of my most favorite things ever! mashed potato, whether it’s plain and smooth or chunky and full of flavors, is one of my top 5 foods of all time. for this mashed potato and cheddar puff pastry recipe, we have layers of freshly […]

blood orange cheesecake tart, with slices cut out to show the inside texture

Blood Orange Cheesecake Tart

Blood Orange Cheesecake Tart This blood orange cheesecake tart is a combination of a few of my most favorite things ever! Starting from the top, we have a beautiful silky layer of bright and tart blood orange curd. It balances out the creamy and rich middle later of cheesecake. Finally, it’s all entombed in a […]

Mini pavlovas with blood orange curd
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Mini Pavlovas with Blood Orange Curd

Swiss Meringue Mini Pavlovas with Blood Orange Curd Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite dessert: mini pavlovas with blood orange curd! Mini pavlovas are such a fun dessert to brighten up any table! They can be filled with your favorite fresh fruits and curd, and topped with whipped cream to balance […]


apple slab pie : birthday edition

I turned 28 on the 6th but I’m still celebrating! February is the shortest month anyway, so I might as well celebrate all month long, right?  While I’m in a celebratory mood most of the time, 28 does seem a bit scary to me. 30 is right around the corner and as untraditional and unconventional as I […]


strawberry heart meringues

happy valentine’s day everyone! i’ve never been huge on valentine’s day. it’s probably because i’m perpetually single, or maybe i just think you should show your loved ones you care about them every single day! but i’m not adverse to the shades of pinks and purples, and heart shaped things everywhere. and as my nieces […]


mini cranberry meringue tarts

this post is kindly sponsored by Kerrygold but all opinions stated are my own. thank you for reading! Every year, there comes a time when the days are suddenly a little shorter and the air fills with nostalgia and just a touch of crisp. There’s an unmistakable crunch with every step and all the familiar […]


home sweet (potato) home hand pies

i like to think of sweet potato pie as pie for people who want to love pumpkin pie, but don’t. because who doesn’t love sweet potato?! the feel of sweet potato is thicker and starchier than pumpkin, although the filling ingredients are similar to that of pumpkin pie. the natural flavors of sweet potato are […]

Featured recipe photograph, S’mores Chocolate chip cookies with roasted marshmallows and chocolate on top!

S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies All year long, I crave for the by-the-crackling-fire-outside-making-s’mores feeling! So when it’s the middle of winter and there’s no fire to sit around what do you do?! You whip up these delicious s’mores chocolate chip cookies, of course! These cookies are on the flatter side (my favorite), which helps them to […]