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jacques torres chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies!! A classic loved by all. Yet there are so many variations out there– which recipe is the best?! Do you like your cookies thick and soft, almost dough-like? What about super thin and crispy? My perfect chocolate chip cookies is relatively thin, with crispy browned edges and becomes softer and chewier as […]


lavender blueberry pop tarts (mini pies)

happy monday everyone! this weekend has been such a nice and relaxing one! especially after the pretty eventful friday that i had! i was jolted out of my deep sleep friday morning at 7 by loud and continuous banging on my roof! fortunately, this is because we’ve hired people to come rip out our old […]


strawberry galette

august is scorching hot days followed by warm nights… the air is completely still and so sticky that the sound of the crickets just sort of hangs there. the sun usually starts disappearing behind the houses and trees around eight o’clock. when the last rays are dancing on my kitchen counter; and my dogs start […]


red bean matcha popsicles

A few weeks ago it was still freezing cold outside. And then suddenly, we were graced by a sunny day in the 70’s! I almost wanted to walk outside with shorts and flip flops but was glad I didn’t. Let’s just say, my pale legs still think it’s winter and they’re naturally being kept quite warm. […]


pistachio cardamom matcha ice cream

Wow I know, what a mouthful– pistachio cardamom matcha ice cream! Each ingredient alone is a star on its own and an all time favorite of mine. But when you put them together, they all sort of play off of each other as they blend together. And as you try to distinguish each complex flavor, […]


flat and chewy chocolate chip cookies

As a lover of warm weather, I should’ve been happy about the unseasonably warm temperatures in October. But even I couldn’t really be happy about beach worthy weather in October. If I had to wear a winter coat over my Wonder Woman costume to go trick-or-treating, the kids these days better have to, too! Kidding… But honestly, I […]