red bean matcha popsicles

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A few weeks ago it was still freezing cold outside. And then suddenly, we were graced by a sunny day in the 70’s! I almost wanted to walk outside with shorts and flip flops but was glad I didn’t. Let’s just say, my pale legs still think it’s winter and they’re naturally being kept quite warm.

So one warm day and I decide it’s time to celebrate summer. I’ve been DREAMING about making red bean popsicles for sooo long now! It was the middle of March and in the midst of a snowstorm during my visit to my sister in Michigan, we got the ingredients and I soaked my red beans overnight. We couldn’t quite figure out how her instant popsicle maker worked (or we were just too lazy to even try), and the red beans soaked at room temp for a day too long and we tossed them. Unfortunately for HER and her family. Because upon returning home, I got right to work and made them and she was undoubtedly very jealous!

Red bean, or adzuki beans, are one of my favorite ingredients EVER. The way it smells as it’s cooking down to that amazing soft, buttery, slightly grainy texture. It was so wonderful I almost stopped midway, wanting to turn it into sweet red bean soup!

Even though I have been eating red bean all my life, the flavor and texture remind me of my childhood. Probably because I had it a lot more frequently back then. We stopped buying red bean popsicles from my local Asian supermarket where I currently live because they all have freezer burn. Sad. But back in the day, we’d get them from Chinatown in NY frequently. And on especially hot days, my sister and I were each allowed to get a beautifully layered cup of “red bean ice” from the Chinese bakery. Layers of freshly cooked red bean in a sugar syrup, coconut milk, and shaved ice. (OMG) I might have to recreate that as well!

Ugh, basically, red bean is amazing. And these popsicles are my new favorite treat! They’re soo easy to make– I’ll probably make another batch and save them in the freezer for when my sister and her family visit in June! (If I can resist eating them all, that is).

You can make about 6 full red bean popsicles with this recipe, but being a crazy MATCHA lady, I obviously had to add it to the mix!!

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These creamy red bean matcha popsicles are the PERFECT warm weather treat!!
Makes about 12 popsicles. 


for red bean popsicles:

3/4 cup dried red beans
1 cup full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

for matcha popsicles: 

2 TBS matcha powder
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk


Soak red beans in medium bowl for at least 3-4 hours or overnight.

Discard water, place red beans in medium pot with cold water, covering red beans with about 2 inches of water. Bring to a boil, and immediately turn heat to low, cover the pot and let cook for 45 minutes to an hour– when red beans become just tender enough to smoosh.

Drain red beans and put aside to cool.

Once cooled, mash up red beans in a large bowl with the back of fork. whisk in coconut milk and condensed milk. Mix well. I like the extra texture in my popsicles so I only mash up red beans. For a smoother consistency, place beans in blender. Blend until smooth and add condensed milk and coconut milk to blend until combined.

For matcha mixture, whisk together all the ingredients. Matcha powder takes a while to fully disintegrate into the liquid so keep whisking away all the lumps, I promise it will all come together into a beautiful green liquid!

For half red bean, half matcha pops, fill popsicle molds half way with red bean mixture and freeze for one hour, until just set. Fill up the rest of the way with matcha mixture, gently place popsicle sticks into each one, and freeze for 5 hours or overnight. ENJOY!!!


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