bread bakery’s chocolate babka

Chocolate babka?! Cinnamon babka?! Which is the superior babka?!

Haha, ever since I first watched the Seinfeld episode of Elaine and Jerry struggling to get the perfect dinner-guest gift in the form of a chocolate babka, I wanted to try what people were calling THE BEST CHOCOLATE BABKA in NYC. With notable bakeries dotted all over the city, it’s kind of insane to call one bakery’s babka the best babka.

But as I pulled open the heavy glass doors to Bread’s Bakery near Union Sq Park, I knew I had entered bakery heaven. I scanned the display of amazing flaky and buttery croissants and galore. But I was there with only one intent. At first, I grabbed two chocolate babkas and waltzed up to get in line to pay. Sharon was with me and we were both very excited. But we noticed we were lining up right next to a tall kart of babkas that had JUST come out. Their chocolatey ooey gooey warmth radiated like the sun. I asked the girl at the counter if I could grab two warm ones instead, and she quickly said yes!

This is the key to eating Bread Bakery’s chocolate babka (they also lace it with nutella, omg). EAT YOUR BABKA WARM. If you’re eating babka at home, pop it in the oven at 350 degrees F until it’s warmed ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It makes the biggest difference.

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