apple slab pie : birthday edition

I turned 28 on the 6th but I'm still celebrating! February is the shortest month anyway, so I might as well celebrate all month long, right? While I'm in a celebratory mood most of the time, 28 does seem a bit scary to me. 30 is right around the corner and as untraditional and unconventional as I am, … Continue reading apple slab pie : birthday edition

millionaire’s shortbread w sweet maple walnuts

This post is kindly sponsored by Diamond of California but all opinions stated are my own. Thank you for your support! Around this time of year, I have a couple very specific cravings. Number one, I need shortbread. Everyday. Not just any shortbread. Only the shortest shortbread will do. If you don’t know what that … Continue reading millionaire’s shortbread w sweet maple walnuts